How to copy a content of cell from one sheet to another sheet


Please assist on how to copy a content of cell from one sheet to another sheet.

For e.g. in the attachment made the contents of Engineer wise Summary sheet N9 should be copied to the Engineer Score Card sheet C3


Sathyananda KKR


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More info please

Hello Sathyananda, Could you be more specific as to what you want exactly. Should this be an automated process? Is there only one Engineer? Is the Summary sheet always only one row? When does the copy paste have to take place? Daily? Automatic or Button push? Did you try to record a macro yourselve? Grtx, JPH

How to copy a content of cell from one sheet to another sheet


1. This is a quality check for each team member of upto 40 in strength. Lets name each engineer as a,b,c,d,......upto 40 enigeers in Engineer Name column (Engineer Score Card sheet).

2. Towards the row side from C cell is the date wise quality of each engineer.

3. In Engineer wise Summary sheet contains the quality check on different parameters for different engineers.

4. Daily we do quality check for about 14 engineers on random basis. So accordingly the rows will increase upto 14.

5. Now, since out of 40 engineers I will be doing audit for only 14 engineers it would be tough to juggle between the sheets and make the entries. So i am looking foward for automation.

6. Moment I make an entry in Summarized Compliance Result column in Engineer wise Summary sheet the same entries should be copied to Engineer Score Card according to the date wise. Say the audit is for 1st of sep and I have checked the hygine for 14 engineers among 40, then in 1 sep cloumn at Engineer Score Card sheet the entries should be made for 14 engineers and for rest 26 engineers it should be appear as 0. 

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Hello Sathya,

To get a better perspective on this could you change these assumptions in your attached excelsheet?

I quess I get the global picture, but i 'm not sure.

Could you add examples of more than one daily entrie? You can give the engineers fake names for this purpose.

Does the Engineer wise summary need to be cleared after the copy/paste action or will it be left as is?

If you add a date to the rows in Engineer wise summary and keep the entered data of day before, you could use a pivot table to create the Engineer score card. This way you accumulate all your data, which is better if someone would like to check it.