Newbie Needs Help with Formula

Hello Everyone,

I'm a rather new user to Excel but I have been learning alot through self study. I found this forum today an I am hoping someone can explain how I would develop a formula to help with analyzing stock dividend information.

I have copied and pasted stock data into the excel workbook. What I am trying to develop is a formula that will tell me how many days it will take for the daily HIGH to be equal or above the price I am buying it at. To be awarded a Dividend you must buy the stock no later than the CLOSE on the day before the Ex-Dividend day.

On the attached example The Ex-Dividend date is on Aug. 15th so we would buy the CLOSING price the day before - August 14 - which would be at a price of $15.07. As you can see the answer to my question of when we could first sell at a price of $15.07 or higher is August 30th. which equals 15 days from the buy date.

What I ultimately want to figure out is how many months can I buy the night before the Dividend and sell it at a profit or breakeven within X amount of days. Also I want to average how many days , on average , it takes to buy and sell successfully.

I would appreciate any comments that might help me accomplish this analysis.

Thank you,


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