Simple Formula...I hope

I need help and can't figure out how to do a simple formula. I would like a formula that looks at 2 cells, determines if there's any text in them and then chose the text if one is filled in. I hope that makes since, I've tried to put an example below.


A                                                         B                                                                  C


Han Solo     "BLANK/Empty"       Han Solo
"BLANK/Empty"     Luke Skywalker       Luke Skywalker

Hope that helps. 

1st Line, the formula would look in cell A1 and B1 "Blank/empty", see a text in A1 and copy that text to C1.

2nd Line, the formula wold look in cell A2 "Blank/empty", see text in B2 and copy that to C2.


I don't need the formula to find certian text, just what ever text is is there.


Thanks in advance for the help, hopefully this made since.


P.S. I like Star wars