Trying to create a question-by-question quiz and stuck on grading system.

What I've done is created a question by question quiz that should tell you if you're correct and then automatically go to the next randomly generated question.
Essentially the idea is that when (eg) Q1 appears in E4 then E5 shows that particular question with E9,F9,G9,H9 showing the four options. You respond by typing that response into F11 and are told whether or not you were correct in E13. once you are told whether or not you are correct then a new question number is randomly generated in E4 and so on and so forth. I have not put any end to that yet as I was hoping to do something akin to If attempts = 120 then 0

Unfortunately because the question changes the response is calculated too quickly and all you see is "incorrect" even when correct because by then it is already on to the next question. So I need a way to keep track of "correct" responses and the number of attempted questions.

I was looking at doing a formula based on a table of =IF(AND(Quiz!E4="Q2",Quiz!F11='Questions and answers'!C3),1,0), but I encounter the same issue. And changing the calculation from automatic seems to prevent ALL calculations instead of just the desired area.

Basically what I need is something like IF(E13="Correct",+1) as a kind of continuous counter. I'll also need a reset option such as IF(F2=236, Reset).
Otherwise I need a way to AUTOMATICALLY "Freeze" an individual cell when a certain requirement is met. eg. =IF(G19=1,1,IF(AND(Quiz!E4="Q2",Quiz!F11='Questions and answers'!C3),1,0))

I created a table ranging F30-I154 with formulas such as - =IF(AND(Quiz!E4="Q113", Quiz!F11='Questions and answers'!E225),1,0) I've also tried a different variant of =IF(F144=1,1,IF(AND(Quiz!E4="Q113", Quiz!F11='Questions and answers'!E225),1,0) (no effect)
I've also tried Different variations of =COUNT(E13="Great Job! You got the question right!",0) On the original sheet.

Any suggestions? Please note I have no background in VBA so I'd prefer either a formula or settings fix. Otherwise, I'll need step by step instructions.
ANY help will be greatly appreciated..

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