Today, 10 Dec 2008, I am very excited to have launched this website for ExcelExperts.com.

Prior to that, I worked in finance for nearing 13 years managing a large team writing interest rate derivative trading systems.

I have been an expert in Excel for many years and would now like to share that expertise with the world.

I will be writing many prototype systems and posting them in due course. I am interested in what you'd like to see from an ExcelExperts website, and keen to animate this site, and ensure that it has the best content.

Why am I doing this ?

  • I believe that a huge amount of things can be done with a simple spreadsheet system and an enormous amount of time and money can be saved.
  • A company with employees proficient in Excel is a far more efficient one
  • A TINY fraction of the things that can be done in Excel are being done
  • Excel is the absolute perfect place to prototype a new system.
  • You can get something up and running very quickly, and adding immediate business benefits

... think of it like this: You would not build a building by approaching your builders and explaining to them how you want it to look ? NO, you'd work with an architect to build a small-scale model that you can show to your builders

In the Credit Crunch, would an Excel-based system be good enough for your needs ?

  • Have you even considered it ?
  • Do you even know what can be done ?

If not, hopefully the examples on this site can give you a flavour.
Link to Examples

What am I hoping to get out of this ?

  • Establish myself as a world-wide expert in Excel-based system prototyping. (Or meet those who are better. ; - > )
  • Sell consultancy services around this
  • In the spirit of the internet, help people with free tools / training / games
    • Tools to help them to make the right financial decisions
    • Training to make them more efficient at work
    • Games that are fun and challenging to all ages

Are you an ExcelExpert ?
Do you want to become one ?