Q: I have an Excel / VBA question to ask, where do I put it ?

A: There's a Members Question and Answer section:

Excel Experts Members Question and Answer

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Q: How do I get notified of a reply to my Question ?

A: Click the "Subscribe" option when you've added your post.


Q: How do I subscribe to new content from ExcelExperts.com ?

Check out the training Video here:

Q: As a member, where can I post my Excel sheet for discussion ?

A: There's a Show and Learn section: Show and Learn Forum

Create a new forum topic for discussion, and you can add your file. Unfortunately, you cannot add files to a comment.


Q: Why should I join ?

A: Several reasons:

  1. Most likely, you'll learn something new
  2. At some point, I will be looking to build a reliable team of experts who will be able to earn money whilst working flexibly and remotely. Prove yourself if you'd like to be part of this !
  3. Be part of a new community


Q: What if I want a new system, but it's not listed in the poll?

A: Mail me: Here and if it's a good idea, I'll do it.


Q: Why isn't my comment appearing immediately?

A: Well, if I allowed all comments to appear immediately, there would be all sorts of rubbish on the site. Consequently, I need to approve the comments before they're published.