55. Excel Tips - Capture Screen Shot of your Excel

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This is one of the most useful Excel tips that you can use in emails or presentations– How to Capture a Screen Shot of your Excel.


There is a quick and easy way of capturing an Excel screen shot without buying commercial software.

Step1: Launch PAINT by going: Start => All Programs => Accessories => Paint


Step2: Go back to Excel, and press ALT and PRTSC ... on my keyboard, the PRTSC button is to the right of F12. This takes a copy of your Excel window.

NOTE – if you press JUST the PRTSC button, it will take a copy of your entire screen.


Step3: Select Paint, and press CTRL + V



Step4: Now you can hone in on interesting part that you actually wanted to capture. Press the square in paint:


Step4: Drag it around the interesting part of your screen shot.


Step5: Press CTRL and C to copy this to the clipboard.

Step6: Press CTRL and N to create a new picture in paint, and press CTRL + V to paste back into paint


From here you can save this as a JPEG or a bitmap or whatever you want, and insert into a mail, or powerpoint.

NOTE: If you don’t actually want to save the screen shot, you can paste directly into outlook after Step5 Capture-Screen-Shot-In-Excel


Training Video - Capture Screen Shot