31. Excel Tips - Create Range names quickly

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This is a MASSIVE time saver for a developer, and avoids typos.

Suppose you have the following data on your sheet, and you want to add range names to the input fields. i.e. you want the cell you enter 100,000 into to be named "House_Price"
Create Range names

Select the range (B2:C20 in this case)
and go: ALT then i then n then c in sequence
That brings up this:
Create Range names
- by selecting "Left Column", it means that range names will be created using the data in the left column.
- Click Ok

Now look at the range names that have been created by clicking on the dropdown shown:
Create Range names

NOTE: Excel does not allow spaces or other special characters in range names, so spaces are replaced by "_" and % is ignored. Would be nice to get better treatment of these characters in future versions.

Training Video - Create Range Names