74. Excel Tips - Dynamic Charting

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When you add a chart, it's not obvious at all how to construct it so that new additions to your data are automatically added to your graph

  • Fortunately, help is at hand with dynamic ranges
  • A Dynamic range is one that changes depending on the data
  • When you add data at the bottom in this example, the range size increases by 1 row

Here's a screen shot of our data in Excel:



Here's how to add a dynamic range:

  1. Add a range name as shown:
    • dynamic-charting 
  2. In the source data for your chart, enter the source as shown: 
    • dynamic-charting 
    • Note the exact format of that: ='  workbookname .xls'! RangeName



Download sheet to practise how to Dynamic Charting in Excel

Training Video on how to Dynamic Charting in Excel:

dynamic-charting.xls34 KB