28. Excel Tips - Easily change the print area

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Here’s a tip on printing and how to change the print area.

Suppose you have this data, and you want to print up to Data6
change the print area

Select the data you want to print:
change the print area

Then go:
Xl 2003 File => Print Area => Set Print Area
Xl 2007 Page Layout => Print Area => Set Print Area
You’ll notice the dotted lines around the area you want to print. They indicate the end of the page.
change the print area

Now suppose you want to change the print area to include Data7
Go View => Page Break Preview
change the print area
This shows Excel in page break view, and from here, you can change the print area by clicking on the edge of the highlighted area, and dragging it.
change the print area

The print area is actually just a range name, so if you bring up the range name dialog box, you can change it from there too.

Excel annoyingly doesn't allow you to get rid of the small dotted lines once you have set the print area, but there are 2 ways round this:
1. Select a cell a long way away from your work area, and set that as the print area
2. Close and reopen the Excel

Training Video - Change the print area