44. Excel Tips - Enter Array Formula

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This Excel tip explains step by step how to enter an array formula. Why do I need array formulae ? I hear you ask. Well, one of the reasons is that you need them for functions that do not return their results in a single cell. Lets take MINVERSE for example. The following screen shot shows the data we're using:


We have a matrix, how do we get the inverse of the matrix ? For a 2 by 2 matrix, the inverse is also 2 by 2

  • Step1: Select Range E3 to F4
  • Step2: Press F2
  • Step3: Enter the following formula: =MINVERSE(B3:C4)
  • Step4: Press- CTRL (and hold it down) SHIFT (and hold it down) ENTER


... you can now let go of the CTRL and SHIFT keys. ; - >

Download a spreadsheet to practice entering array formulae on


Training Video on how to enter an Array Formula: