06-Jan-2009 NEW SYSTEM: How Much Can I Spend on a House ?

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Designed for the Credit Crunch, this calculator lets you enter various details about personal circumstances and your assumptions on changes in market conditions. It then provides warnings if you're sailing close to the wind with what you can afford. The view is for you to be comfortable about how much you're spending on a house.

Warning Signs:

  • if you run out of cash, you have to borrow at high interest
  • if your wealth goes negative, you could be bankrupt
  • if your house is worth less than your mortgage, you are in what's called "Negative Equity" and the bank could ask for extra cash
  • if you cannot afford to pay your mortgage, the bank could take your house back, and sell it (foreclose)

Don't know how much you're spending ?.. Get started on my expense tracker

Want to know whether it makes financial sense to buy, do up and sell ?

Will you be better off buying or renting ?


Training Video explaining how to use the calculators on ExcelExperts.com - This one is for the "Buy or Rent" calculator but the principles are the same

Worked Example:

Enter your own values, make your own market assumptions, and use at your own risk !

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