4. Learn VBA - Record a Macro

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Do you find yourself doing the same tasks every day ?
Do you want Excel to automate them ?
This tip is about how to record a macro.
Recording macros is the first step to automate tasks, and to learn VBA.
You can get a decent amount of automation done with this simple procedure.

Press the following in sequence:
ALT then t then m then r
That will bring up this screen:

Press OK, and now do some basic actions like inserting a column.

Stop the macro recording:

Now press ALT and F11, double click on "module1" and look what the macro recorder has recorded.
It will look something like this:
Examining the code, we can see that we selected column D, and inserted a column.

Now you attach the code to a button using our first VBA lesson.

Download sheet to practise recording macros, and press the button

Video Training on how to record a macro: