Excel VBA - 3 numbers,greater,smaller or equal logic

Any body can help please.
Need an excel button coding , on click of which first 3 inputbox will ask three different numbers from user and will put these numbers in A2,B2 and C2 respectively then in cell D2 will put the greatest no ,E2 - smallest no and F2 will put Yes if they all are equal else no if they are not equal.
Also will change the font/Colour of greatest no to RED/BOLD and smallest number to GREEN/BOLD.(in cell A2,B2 or C2),
If button clicked again will put the next series in A3,B3 and C3 and so on(should not override previous filled cells.)
Have attached excel sheet with an example for reference.
Quick responses much appriciated, thank you.

logic.xlsx9.69 KB