48. Excel Tips - Add 2 strings together in Excel

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Adding 2 strings together is very easy in Excel.

There are a couple of ways.

Method1: use: &" "& NOTE - this adds a space between the 2 strings Here's an example:


Method2: use CONCATENATE


If the CONCATENATE function were designed properly, it would allow you to enter a range instead of each value separately, and it would allow you also to enter a separator.

Consequently, I prefer Method1.

Download a spreadsheet to practice adding strings together in Excel

Video Training on Adding 2 strings together in Excel:

Slight Amendment...

You can enter... =CONCATENATE(C3," ",D3) ..and that will work too. So, that function does allow you to put the space between 1st and Last names.

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Good spot

Well spotted... I've never thought of that.

I hope you'll agree though, it's still a rubbish function... ; - >

I've written this: http://excelexperts.com/VBA-Tips-Concatenate-Range to do what it ought to.



Is there any advantage of using "CONCATENATE" instead of "&" ? If no why they keep "CONCATENATE" function.

Both are same in output

Both Concatenate and & are same in operation, there is no difference.
only visible difference is, & is less key strokes that concatenate! And quick to use and visualize.