65. Excel Tips - Center Text Across Cells

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This tip shows you how to center text across cells. Suppose you have the following arrangement, and you want the heading to span the whole table:


One option is to merge the cells.. right click => format cells => Alignment => merge cells.

In my experience, merging cells is a really bad thing to do as it leads to various complications like -

* Not being able to sort the data easily

* Odd things happen with range names

* Sheet navigation gets messed up


A better option is to Center Across Cells: Select the cells (as shown), and go: right click => format cells => Alignment => Horizontal => Center Across Selection


Download sheet to practise how to Center Text Across Cells in Excel

Training Video on how to Center Text Across Cells in Excel:

Center-Text-Across-Cells.xls18.5 KB


This option is very useful.

Keep up good work.


better one

Alt+H+A+C...to align the text in middle or where ever you want...


Thanks for this tip

I agree, very useful, I don't understand why excel has so many troubles with merged cells, the AutoFit is really bad, and also to see what is being merged/remerged.

The best approach was if we have something like left across selection or right across selection, because sometimes we want to merge only to see several rows, not to keep the text in the center...

Thank you!