15. Excel Tips - Wrap Text for headings

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Screen real estate is a valuable commodity, and with this tip, you can save using it unnecessarily.

If you autofit the columns with large headings, it will look like this:

However, to get it to this is only a few steps:

Select the row, right click, format cells, alignment... and click "Wrap Text"

Still with the row selected, right click, row height, and change it to something huge like 200

For each column reduce the column size manually until you can see each word on one line.

Then select the column and type in sequence: ALT then O then C then A

Select the row again, and type in sequence: ALT then O then R then A

..if you don't like the look of having one word on each line, the same process works for having 2 words per line.

Training Video on Wrapping Text for large headings: