VBA Assistance needed

So basically I have trawled a million groups trying to find an answer to my problem but couldn't and so was wonderin if anyone here could assist.

I have 2 spreadsheets called "source" and "input".

"Source" contains rows of data, each one has a unique identifier.

You can input this identifier in to "Input" and it reads "Source" using traditional Index Match codes based on this.

What I want to be able to do is to type a note in to a set box in "Input", reference A1, and then press a VBA button in "Input" that works in reverse by searching "Source" for the unique identifier and then inputting the notes in to a corresponding column, the unique identifier is in column A the Notes are in column H.

I'd like the code to then clear the notes cell.

Can you help?

data validation-show description based on code in drop down lis

in data validation drop down list, it will show the code but output should store description in the cell...similar to vlookup and indirect function with name range option....pls. help how to get the result send solution mail to pattabi.siva@gmail.com