VBA code to filter on the Activecell regardless of cell type (date, text, amount, etc)

I need help writing VBA code to filter on the Activecell.

Currently it works except if the activecell is a Date!

I need the code to work regardless of whether the activecell is a date, amount, text, etc.

Basically the data being filtered is a database table that is in Excel.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

This helps, but am not sure

This helps, but am not sure if it will suffice?

Sub Filter_by_Active_Cell()
Dim ColNum As Integer
ColNum = ActiveCell.Column - (ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Column - 1)
If ActiveCell.NumberFormat = "general" Then
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=ColNum, Criteria1:=ActiveCell

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=ColNum, Criteria1:=Format(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.NumberFormat)
End If
End Sub